MBS Item Browser is shareware, that is software which you try before you buy. You are granted free use of this program for 90 days for trial purposes. Use beyond this period requires paid registration. Access to MBS updates also requires registration.

The setup file for MBS Item Browser can be downloaded from the following link:

MBS Item Browser setup - exe file

Filename: mib1810setup.exe
Release date: 2 August 2021
File size: 3.76 MB (3,948,544 bytes)
MD5 hash: E9C9CF9FFF2DD78B6D38061A​F00F2980

For anyone with a restrictive antivirus or firewall program, and unable to download an exe file, a compressed download is available:

MBS Item Browser setup - zip version

Contents: exe file as above
File size: 3.27 MB (3,432,448 bytes)
MD5 hash: 46AF0F1CD1869286FBB09946​3B2F5451

For a step-by-step guide to download and installation please refer to the setup instructions.

The latest MBS web update is available from the Settings dialog of a registered copy of the program:

Latest MBS update: MBS schedule of 1 August 2021
MBS data release date: 7 August 2021
Items ceased for phone attendance for MHTP for persons in RACF