When you register the program, you gain access to the following features:

• The option to check for the latest MBS update and install it. Note that such updates are specially formatted and optimized for the program, and are hosted on the MBS Item Browser website. Updates coincide with the Medicare MBS update schedule, which includes several updates per year.

• Registered users can download updates to the program itself. There are also updates to the filters used to import external data and to weblinks within the program. There is an option to enable an automatic check for updates on program start.

• Registered users can create a portable version of the program to run from a USB stick - no traces are left on the host computer.

• The registered version does not expire, whereas the trial version is limited to six weeks' use. Registration includes all program updates until the next major version, which will then be available at a 50% discount. If you register within three months of release of the next major version you will receive a free upgrade. It is not essential to upgrade as a registered copy of the current version will never expire.

• Printouts from an unregistered copy include a footer denoting that they have been produced using MBS Item Browser.

• Registration is available for individuals and organizations. Organizations can specify a branding logo and weblink (for example, if distributing the program as a free item).