Frequently asked questions - FAQ:

1. Why should I use MBS Item Browser when I can already access the MBS for free online?

·Answer: please refer to the section on features for a list of advantages. Note also that the MBS is no longer available in print format other than as a PDFdownload that can be printed.

2. Is it safe to use MBS Item Browser or could it damage my PC?

·Answer: MBS Item Browser is checked to be free of viruses, spyware and other potentially harmful elements. It does not make any changes to the system registry apart from the uninstaller entry required for the Add or Remove Programs applet in Windows Control Panel. Regarding security, the only data transmitted from your computer is that sent to the program website when checking for an update (this feature is found in the registered version only).

3. Won't running MBS Item Browser slow down my computer?

·Answer: please refer to the system requirements for further details of the small footprint of the program.