How to register

Try before you buy

MBS Item Browser is shareware, that is software which you try before you buy. You are granted free use of this program for 6 weeks for trial purposes. Use beyond this period requires paid registration, which includes a range of benefits. If you find this program useful, please consider registering. Registration is inexpensive and helps support future development of the program.

Individual registration

The cost of individual registration is as follows:

First copy at $18.15 AUD plus GST ($19.95)
Copies 2 to 5 at 5% discount per copy
Copies 6 to 10 at 10% discount per copy
Copies 11 to 20 at 15% discount per copy
Copies 21 to 50 at 20% discount per copy
Copies 51 and above at 25% discount per copy
Organisation registration

Organisations can purchase an unlimited license for $905 plus GST ($995), which includes an option for a branding logo with weblink. Unlimited registration by an organisation requires both a registration key and a key file. The key file is matched to the organisation name and contains the branding logo and weblink.

GP Registrar discount

Individual discount is available for GP Registrars, who can purchase a copy with 25% price reduction.

Registration process

You can register online by credit card. All major credit cards are accepted and the transaction is fully secure. Registration is handled by BMT Micro, a reputable ecommerce affiliate.

Click here to register one or more copies of MBS Item Browser with pricing as shown above.

Click here to register for an unlimited license of MBS Item Browser at $995 as described above.

During registration you specify a user name (if buying multiple copies for a medical practice the name of the practice can be used). A 24 character registration key is then generated which is specific to your user name. The key will be sent to you by email. This should be entered into the unlock dialog which appears when you start an unregistered copy of the program. Due to the length of the key it is advisable to paste the registration key into the unlock dialog using the special button provided. The program will then restart in registered mode.