Setup and removal

To setup the program follow the steps below:

1. Visit the download page on this website
2. Click the link labelled "MBS Item Browser setup - exe file"
3. Save the setup file to the Windows desktop
4. Double click the desktop icon for the setup file
5. Follow the prompts to setup and run the program

Please note that in some settings installation may require Administrator status.

As MBS Item Browser runs from your computer, you should check with practice or organization IT lead before installing it. Other applications should be closed before MBS Item Browser is installed. The setup file may then be run, and on-screen instructions will guide the user through the installation. Note that in some practices or organizations, installation of programs may be limited to a Windows administrator.

MBS Item Browser is designed not to alter any aspect of your PC setup except for shortcuts added to the Windows Start menu and optional Desktop and Quick Launch shortcuts. The program does not alter the system registry during setup or operation apart from the uninstaller entry required for the Add or Remove Programs applet in Windows Control Panel. By default the program is installed in the current user roaming profile.

If you don't want to keep using MBS Item Browser, it can be completely removed using the Apps & features applet found under Windows Settings (Windows 10). Alternatively, an uninstall shortcut is provided in the MBS Item Browser group which is created in the Windows Start Menu.